Harvest prophecy

Hello! We’re the team at Harvest Prophecy, and we’re excited to introduce you to our ministry.  Harvest Prophecy emerged from Harvest House Publishers, which has been producing end-time Bible prophecy resources for almost 50 years.  Working with respected bestselling authors like Tim LaHaye, Ron Rhodes, Mark Hitchcock, and Ed Hindson, Harvest House has long been known for publishing biblically grounded, trustworthy prophecy resources.

Our commitment at Harvest Prophecy is to further amplify the voices of leading authors and content creators in spreading the hope-filled message of end-time Bible prophecy.  We believe that studying prophecy is vital to all Christians because doing so promotes concern for the lost, strengthens our faith, and provides hope for a hurting world. 

Our Mission Is To…


that studying Bible prophecy is important to God and edifying to believers.


the topic of Bible prophecy and make it accessible.

give hope

of a better future when Jesus makes all things new.

We can only accomplish these goals by creating great resources that you love!  

Check here often for new blog posts, podcast episodes, interviews, FAQs, freebies, and books.  You’ll find this website a great place for discovering new and helpful content to build your Bible knowledge.

Revelation 1:3 says that those who “read aloud” and “take to heart” the words of prophecy will be blessed.  We hope the ministry of Harvest Prophecy blesses you as you seek to know more about God’s plans for the future.

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