The Harvest Handbook™ of Bible Prophecy: A Comprehensive Survey from the World’s Foremost Experts

Ed Hindson, Mark Hitchcock, Tim LaHaye

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Everything You Need to Know About the Last Days at Your Fingertips

The Harvest Handbook™ of Bible Prophecy is a reference resource that provides a comprehensive overview of everything the Bible says about the last days.

Compiled by bestselling prophecy teachers Ed Hindson, Mark Hitchcock, and Tim LaHaye, this volume has 150+ topics on the most important subjects of prophetic study from 40+ of world’s foremost prophecy experts, including Armageddon, the Day of the Lord, eternal life, the glorious appearing, the messianic kingdom, the millennium, rewards, and the Tribulation.

You will gain clear and useful insights about the future in this A-to-Z handbook, which is written to provide

  • thousands of Bible-based facts about the end times and beyond
  • a chronology of the last days from a pretribulational, premillennial view
  • detailed definitions of all the major prophecy-related terms

Both new and experienced students of prophecy will find this a tool they can use and understand. Ideal for browsing or serious research, you’ll find yourself reaching for this indispensable resource again and again.

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