A Quick Reference Guide to the End Times

Jeff Kinley, Todd Hampson


What You Need to Know Most
About Bible Prophecy

From the team behind the Prophecy Pros Podcast comes A Quick Reference Guide to the End Times. Bestselling authors Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson bring you this concise look at the most pressing questions about the rapture, the antichrist, the millennial kingdom, and beyond. Jeff and Todd share their wealth of Scripture-based knowledge about the end times, steering away from speculation to make sure you get only the information that truly matters.

Featuring helpful charts, graphics, and illustrations, this accessible manual will help you understand answers to important prophecy questions such as…

  • in what basic order will the end times unfold?
  • how do we know Jesus is literally returning to earth?
  • how should Christians live if Jesus might return any day now?

Whether you’re totally new to Bible prophecy or you’ve been studying it for years, A Quick Reference Guide to the End Times is the user-friendly handbook you need to keep track of the most essential facts about the future.

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