You Can Understand the Book of Revelation: Exploring Its Mystery and Message

Skip Heitzig

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Do You Want to Know What the Future Holds?

The final book of the Bible is both fascinating and controversial. It leaves some awed, and others uncomfortable. So many find its mysteries hard to fathom—what does it all mean?

If you would like to know more than just bits and pieces of God’s plans for the future, Pastor Skip Heitzig is your guide to gaining a fuller understanding of the book of Revelation. You will explore everything from the rapture to Christ’s eternal kingdom, and

  • gain a deeper appreciation for the majesty and power of God
  • examine all the key events that will take place in the last days
  • discover how God’s plans for the future apply to you right now
  • learn how to be ready for Christ’s return

As you study Bible prophecy and learn how God’s plans will unfold, you’ll find yourself living in greater anticipation of all that is to come!

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