The Non-Prophet’s Guide™ to Prophecy for Young People: What Every Kid Needs to Know About the End Times

Todd Hampson

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This funny and fact-filled exploration explains to preteens what Bible prophecy is, why it is so important, who the prophets were, and a whole lot more.

Bible prophecy for kids? Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. The fulfilled and future prophecies contained in Scripture are more mind-blowing than any superhero story or action-packed adventure…because they are 100% true!

Young readers will join the Non-Prophet and his pet frog Plague on comical capers that illuminate the basics of Bible prophecy and apologetics through fun factoids and awesome infographics. Preteens will gain a greater appreciation for God’s Word and a deeper understanding of His exciting plans for their lives.

God’s awesome promises are waiting for your child to discover!

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